How do I get box seats to a Broadway show?

Hilton Theatre, NYC - Box Seats on Broadway

Broadway Show Box Seats

Unfortunately, here’s where we have to burst your bubble a little bit:

Box Seats are not good seats.

The box seats at Broadway theaters were designed (in some cases, 100+ years ago) for the rest of the audience to be able to see the occupants as a symbol of status, not for the occupants to see the show.  In fact, boxes are all the way to the sides of the theater, just coming a few feet out from the walls, and very close to or above the stage.  These locations can cause there to be severe sight-line issues, often with much of the stage obscured.  These days, the box seats are almost always considered partial view locations.

Because of this, Broadway box seats are not available online, and can only be purchased in person at the box office window.  In fact, many shows often reserve for those locations for rush or lottery tickets because they’re not considered desirable locations.

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