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Lifespan of a Fact Reviews

The Lifespan of a Fact Reviews

The Lifespan of a Fact reviews! Directed by Tony nominee Leigh Silverman, and starring Daniel Radcliffe, Bobby Cannavale, and Cherry Jones, the show officially opened on Broadway recently at Studio 54. Reviews were mostly positive, though some critics found the story only scratched the emotional surface and the ending too inconclusive:

Time Out New York – “Like most issue plays these days, this one ends on a note of ambiguity, but I suspect that most people in the audience will have made up their minds by then.”

Entertainment Weekly – “…the outcome never feels quite as consequential as it should, possibly because it isn’t actually that ambiguous…the rest of Lifespan could have used another, altruistic kind of fiction: more plot – and true emotional detail – than its bare facts can provide.”

But most reviewers praised the production for its smart and quick dialogue, electrifying performances, and timely subject matter:

New York Daily News –  “…a fun debate play and commercial catnip for the brain…smart and very lively…it offers up some mild commentary on our fact-challenged moment without devolving into antagonistic insults.”

Hollywood Reporter –  “…director Silverman works with crisp efficiency…It’s hard to imagine this pithy play ever being more timely or more ideally cast, and the dynamic of the three actors is thrilling to watch.”

New York Times –  “…a terrific comic staging…With its cast, its dead-on timing, its perfect set, it would probably nail its laughs even without the dialogue. It’s what you call a good time.”

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